April 30, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (183)

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher

Dear Mr. S. Harris,

Ignore the blob of red in the top left corner. It's jam, not blood, though I don't think I need to tell you the difference. It wasn't your wife's jam the police found on your shoe. . . .

Zoe has an unconventional pen pal-Mr. Stuart Harris, a Texas Death Row inmate and convicted murderer. But then again, Zoe has an unconventional story to tell. A story about how she fell for two brothers, betrayed one of them, and killed the other.

Hidden away in her backyard shed in the middle of the night with a jam sandwich in one hand and a pen in the other, Zoe gives a voice to her heart and her fears after months of silence. Mr. Harris may never respond to Zoe's letters, but at least somebody will know her story-somebody who knows what it's like to kill a person you love. Only through her unusual confession can Zoe hope to atone for her mistakes that have torn lives apart, and work to put her own life back together again.

Release Date: November 12, 2013


  1. Woah. This one sounds sooo creepy! I love the synopsis and the cover and from the way the blurb says, I'm assuming the whole book is written in letters to that criminal? Mhm...sounds really interesting :)

  2. Jeez, this sounds like an intense read. Nice pick.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever's WoW

  3. Whaaaaat!? This sounds amazing! Great pick.
    <3! New follower
    Beth | The Reading Vixens
    Vixen's WoW
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  4. Well that sounds....interesting...might just have to read that one=)

    Here's Mine

  5. Hmmm. This sounds intriguing. I haven't heard of this one before. And I'm digging that cover. Great pick!
    Here's my WOW

  6. Wow, that's just.......It seems really intense! Great pick!
    Here's my WoW

  7. What an odd, but intriguing premise! I haven't heard of this one, but now I might just have to keep an eye out for it. Sounds SO interesting.

  8. What an offbeat read-I'm really curious to find out about these murders and how everything pieces together. But we have to wait until November!


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