May 2, 2013

Teen Book Con

Teen Book Con is a wonderfully fun event that takes place every year in south-west Houston. Attendees, mostly teens, get a chance to hear and ask questions to awesome YA authors. There are several panels and you get to choose the panels you wish to go to. If you are in Houston next year around April you should NOT miss it!

I only attended two panels this year since I wasn't able to be there for the entirety of the convention. But they were both incredible experiences. I chose the two that had one of my favorite authors in them.

The Memory panel: Leigh Bardugo, Jessica Brody, Bethany Frenette, Claudia Gray, Dan Krokos, and Lisa McMann. Loved this panel!

Power to the People panel: Alaya Dawn Johnson, Cinda Williams Chima, Jennifer Nielsen, Mary E. Pearson, Morgan Rhodes, and Caragh O'Brien. I'm such a huge Chima FAN!!

And then there were the signings and some pictures that still make me giddy when I see them! Sorry some are blurry--when you go alone to events, you depend on other people's photographic talent with an iPhone.

 Lisa McMann
 Leigh Bardugo
 Lauren Morrill
 Jennifer Nielsen
 Finally met the one and only author/blogger Lenore Appelhans
Kate Brian/Kieran Scott


  1. I didn't know about this! My sister lives in Houston and next year I am going to plan my visit to see her around this!!


  2. I wasn't able to make it this year, but I'm glad you were able to take all those great pictures. Those are such great pictures!


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