December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide (My Top Picks of 2012)

Picture Books

This is the first time I've featured Picture Books on my blog but I'm reading so many with my daughter, I figured, why not? It was hard to narrow it down, but here are some of our 2012 absolute favorites:

Middle Grade

Young Adult- Realistic/Contemporary Fiction

Young Adult- Dystopia

Young Adult- Historical Fiction


Young Adult- High Fantasy

Young Adult- Cross-Genre

These two books are hard to label. That makes them even more appealing in my book. Gotta love the un-label-able (as in, cannot be labeled. New word alert). Every Day is more appealing to modern day and realistic fiction readers while The Brides is more of a light fantasy with a fairytale quality. They are both in my 2012's Top Ten (soon to be posted) so don't rule them out! 


  1. I love me some picture books. I would also recommend anything by Mo Willems. He is my favorite and his newest picture book, The Three Dinosaurs, is amazing.

    Pete the Cat is so popular at the library! I like him too. It's all good. :)

    1. My daughter's favorite books are the Elephant and Piggie books! We adore anything by Mo. I loved Goldilocks and the 3 Dinosaurs, but my daughter did not get the sarcasm like I did. I kept explaining why things were said. It was a great intro to satiric ironies but she honestly did not love it. That's why I didn't include it :(

  2. My son loves the Elephant and Piggie books as well!! I haven't read him any of the ones you have above but they all look cute!! Esp. the Groovy Buttons one!!
    I loved The Fault in Our Stars, it was emotional! And Meant to Be was adorable... cool listings!!

    PS- I love your holiday blog decorations!!


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