October 6, 2011

Maureen Johnson: Researching Jack the Ripper (Guest Vlog)

Maureen Johnson, author of The Name of the Star, and many other awesome books, came to visit Houston. This new novel deals with a modern day Jack the Ripper. I was very interested in why she chose this and what her research process was like, because it is still a very blurry and mysterious case. So I met with her and basically asked her about it.

I apologize in advance for the background noise, which is a bit bothersome since we shot this at a restaurant. People at restaurants just wont shut up, huh? (Yes, that IS my voice on the middle of the video) ENJOY!

*Special Thanks to Lori and Cathy!

The Name of the Star is now available in bookstores everywhere.


  1. Having just read the book I found this all really fascinating, and I think if you HAVEN'T read the book you will definitely want to read it after watching this.

    Also, I may have seriously snort-laughed out loud at the "These ghosts are pathetic" part.

  2. Awesome video! I made the mistake of letting my curiosity get the best of me while reading the book....I Googled 'Jack the Ripper crime scene photo'...yeah you shouldn't do that. It was very gruesome.

  3. That is awesome! How cool that you had lunch with her. : )


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