May 20, 2010

Party - Tom Leveen

Young Adult
Pages: 240
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Release Date: April 27, 2010

It's Saturday night in Santa Barbara and school is done for the year. Everyone is headed to the same party. Or at least it seems that way. The place is packed. The beer is flowing. Simple, right? But for 11 different people the motives are way more complicated. As each character takes a turn and tells his or her story, the eleven individuals intersect, and reconnect, collide, and combine in ways that none of them ever saw coming. 

Once again I was taken by surprise into a book that shook me and left me wanting more. Leveen is a genius when it comes to character development. He managed to make ELEVEN different points of view, all in one night, one party... work. Don't ask me how he did that. You'll laugh. You'll be angry. You'll be insulted. You'll feel their pain. You'll even want to hang out with them, seriously.

The writing was awesome in a fresh young/modern way. Hilarious and blunt at the same time. Every single thing and detail matches and works chronologically in a way that left me in awe. A truly excellent debut, if you are one to appreciate fun, meaningful books. Every situation and character felt so alive and real it was hard to pull my head out of the book. If you've ever been to a crazy out-of-control life-changing party, you sure know what I mean.

Not a typical read, yet fully enjoyable, Party has sexual and alcohol content (Duh, it's a party). The book mashes eleven different stories together in a tale of friendship, life and sticking together. If you're looking for a fresh and bold contemporary read, go check this one out and enjoy the party.


  1. WOW, 11 and you dont get lost or confused, that's your review! I cant wait to get my hands on this one, especially now!

  2. This is one book I'm dying to read. It sounds so fantastic and I love how there are so many points of view. Eleven is a lot of characters and I'm super curious to see how that's executed.

  3. I've heard of this book quite a few times lately! So glad you reviewed it. :]

  4. I have this book sitting on my TBR shelf. I can't wait to read it after seeing your review. Thanks!


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