November 1, 2009

In My Mailbox (13)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren, inspired by Alea and explores the contents of our mailbox on a weekly basis.
  • Forrest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
  • Liar by Justine Larbalestier
  • Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
Sorry for the lazy IMM, but NaNo started today (Yay!) and I have tons of exams and projects due this week. *waves*


  1. Same here! I have six essays and a psych project that's killing me o_x;

    Just Listen! I love that book :)

    and the other two I haven't read yet but look great! Especially Fallen, ooooh....

    happy reading! and good luck with NaNo! :)

  2. Just Listen is an excellent book, and The Forest of hands and teeth is really good too. Enjoy them!!

  3. Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I hope you Forest (cos I did) and I got Liar this week too!

  4. Ahh, Just Listen.. I LOVE that book. Love it. Hope you do too!

  5. great books! I loved Forest of Hands and Teeth and can't wait to read the next book. I'm looking foward to your thoughts on Liar. Enjoy and happy reading!


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