October 30, 2009

Behind the Book: Eyes Like Stars

One of the amazing debuts we've had this year was Lisa Mantchev with her AMAZING novel Eyes Like Stars. I loved this book! (See my review here)

How did you come up with the story?

Eyes Like Stars started as a short story, and tha
t short story started life with the name "Beatrice Shakespeare Smith" and the four fairies flying on wires.

Does it have to do with your life?

I was a drama-junky from the time I was seven years old, and then studied theater and playwriting in college, so when I settled in to write my first novel, I knew it should be based in a theater. "Write what you know," right?

How long did the book take to write?

I spent three months writing the first draft, then it underwent several major revisions once it was acquired by Feiwel & Friends.

What other books influenced you?

I love classic fantasy novels like Alice in Wonderland and old theatrical scripts and scores for musicals like Peter Pan. I also read a lot of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Patricia McKillip and Tanith Lee.

How has the book changed your life so far?

I published short stories for six years before the novel came out, but seeing ELS on a shelf in a bookstore finally made me feel like a Real Author.

Why do you write YA?

I think the readers of Young Adult are some of the most enthusiastic people I've ever met, and it's a pleasure to write for them (no matter what their actual age.)

What are your favorite books?

Right now, I'm listening to Anansi Boys on audio in the car and marveling not only at the wonderful storyline but the fabulous job the narrator did.

Name 3 YA book that you would call a must-read.

Lets go old-school: Anne of Green Gables, The Little Princess, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Thank you Lisa!!

This book is now available and is the first in a series!

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Goodreads / Amazon

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