November 19, 2012

YA in Theaters

I am very thankful for all the YA-based movies coming soon. I just watched Breaking Dawn part 2 and OMG. Not a huge fan of the movies, but that one was pretty cool.

Here's the upcoming line-up, check out all the great trailers!

**Had to include the poster because it's one of the most awesome movie posters ever.

City of Bones:

Beautiful Creatures:

Warm Bodies (see note at the end of the post):

The Host:


*NOTE: I included Warm Bodies because I enjoyed the trailer and because I think it is VERY YA-themed. I am not sure if I will read the book though because I recently found out (and if you follow me on twitter you saw my rant) that the author, Isaac Marion, is a huge ass. Why? Check out the things he said:

"The only purpose I can see for the YA label is to insult authors who thought they wrote a book for grownups."

"The only function the YA label can really serve is to warn adult readers, 'Stay away from this if you want substance.'" 

About his book he said: "The writing is not simplified for a young reading level at all, containing lots of big ol' fancy words like 'loquacious' & 'sepulchral'"

Gosh, I wonder what those big ol' fancy words mean. Since, you know, I only read YA... I have never encountered them before! RIIIIGHT?

See? Isn't he a sweetheart? If you want to read the whole post I read about the issue, HERE.

And if you are a YA reader... BEWARE. The author did NOT intend for you to buy his book! His book is for adults!

I wonder if he'll be pissed when he finds out the overall target audience of the movie. Ha.

Which movie are you most excited for? 


  1. I'm most excited for THE HOST.

    I, too, am disturbed about those comments by the WARM BODIES author...especially since his book had the support of Maggie Stiefvater before he made those comments.

  2. I saw the trailer for Warm Bodies and it looks freaking awesome!!!! I have yet to get into the whole Zombie thing though. This seems like the perfect hook.
    And I love Saoirse Ronan so I'm looking forward to The Host too.
    And the City of Bones trailer looks really good too! I need to read the book already!

  3. Holy cow, Isaac Marion - what an ass. I saw the trailer this weekend before Breaking Dawn, and thought the movie looked pretty awesome. I was thinking about reading the book, but am so turned off now. I am going to read the whole post now. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I actually just saw a advance screening of Warm Bodies and thought it was cute, would I go out running to theater to see it? No. Its a good movie for a date or even waiting for it at the red box. Its humors and the love story is really cute. Favorite parts are the guy's inner monologue, very funny.

    As far as the Host, this book is actually classified as adult, so they can actually take it further in the ratings scale if they want to, no fade to black if they wanted to.

  5. Oh, how I love that City of Bones trailer!!! It just made me want to reread the whole series again! Maybe I will...oh, and I have got to read The Host before the movie comes out!!!

  6. Aw, you guys, lay off poor Isaac. He's really a sweetie, just a bit ignorant. His twitter feed after this story broke was hilariously humble pie eating.


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