October 30, 2012

Event Recap: Cinda Williams Chima!


After 4 years, 4 books, 4 audiobooks, 4 emails and 4 attempts, I finally met Cinda Williams Chima last night!!! If you read this blog you know she's one of my heroes and her books are like THE most awesome books in the whole world. Last night at Blue Willow Books, she read from The Crimson Crown, answered questions and signed books.

She talked about her adult series (that has yet to be picked up) and how the Seven Realms is a sort of prequel for those books (Squeee!). She mentioned Micah is there as an adult.

She talked about her road to publication and where her inspiration comes from. And she was completely down to earth and friendly and awesome. I love when an author meets and surpasses the image I had created for them in my head.

She has two more Heir books coming and she did not rule out further stories that would take place in the Seven Realms (besides the adult ones). In fact, and I quote, "There are many stories in the Seven Realms. I've told you one of them."

This was definitely one of the authors I've enjoyed meeting the most. I'm actually still awed that I met her and hugged her and she knew who I was!

Thus, I've almost met all my favorite authors. Now if only Melina Marchetta, Courtney Summers and Suzanne Collins would stop by... le sigh.

If you have yet to read Cinda's books--I am so jealous of you because you'll now get to experience them all four together!

The series is now complete: 

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  1. Yay! I got to meet her last year and it was really fun. She's so awesome. Have you read The Crimson Crown yet?

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I so wanted to make the signing but work had to come first. Sighs.

  3. So fun!! I met her earlier this year in Rochester, and she's also coming to an event here on Saturday, so I'm really excited to see her again and get The Crimson Crown signed.

  4. I still think it's super awesome!!

    I totally need to finish this series. I love the first book! Lame reader I am


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