August 21, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday (156)

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted by Jill from Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Premeditated by Josin Mcquein

A week ago, Dinah’s cousin Claire cut her wrists.

Five days ago, Dinah found Claire’s diary and discovered why.

Three days ago, Dinah stopped crying and came up with a plan.

Two days ago, she ditched her piercings and bleached the black dye from her hair.

Yesterday, knee socks and uniform plaid became a predator’s camouflage.

Today, she’ll find the boy who broke Claire.

By tomorrow, he’ll wish he were dead.

I am completely sold. Long, long wait though :(

Release date: October 2013.

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  1. This is on my Waiting on Wednesday too :)

  2. WOW! This sounds SO good! Great pick I haven't seen out there yet. Happy reading.
    Waiting on Weds @Libby Blog

  3. This one is going to be an intense read when it comes out! I can't hardly wait! Great pick :)
    Check out my WoW post :)

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  4. Oh oh. A revenge story. The cover is an immediate pull. Great choice. Don't worry. October will be here before you know it. :-)

  5. oh wow, october is a REALLY long wait. Interesting premise though.

    Here's a link to my WOW!

  6. Sounds soo good!This one is going on my to be read list!

    Here's my Waiting on Wednesday

  7. I don't think I have it on my to-read list and maybe I need just a little bit more convincing but it sounds interesting. Great pick!
    Come check out my WOW post.

  8. Sounds awesome. Adding to my wish-list :)

  9. This sounds so good! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely add this to my wishlist. :D

    Care to stop by my WoW? :)

  10. Wow that is a long wait. It does some awesome though. Definitely adding it. Great pick.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  11. Excellent pick! I’ll definitely be adding this to my ever growing TBR pile and so checking it out as soon as it's released – thank you for sharing! :)

    Here’s mine:

  12. Oooh this is a brand new title to me. Thanks. Come visit me too.


  13. I really enjoy stories about revenge! I have a feeling I'll like this one. It's a shame it doesn't come out for more than a year though.

    Books of Amber

  14. Oh geeeeeeez! That's a long long wait! I need this book NOW!!!

    Here's my WOW

  15. Yeah, I'm sold too. I want to find out what she's up too. Great pick :)

    My WoW pick :)

  16. Oooh, that is a long wait, but it sounds so worth it! :D

    This week's WoW!

  17. Seeing a bunch of new revenge books -- maybe it's the show, which I love?
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It is a long wait!

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  18. This sounds off the hook. Color me intrigued. AWesome pick. Please check out my WoW!

    Also we're doing a giveaway of Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Boys. Entries close on the 26th.


    Anna @ Wandering Librarians

  19. Wow! Talk about a dramatic summary/teaser. I love the cover! This nook looks insanely compelling.

    Here's Ours

  20. I love the title and the summary. Great choice! Here's my WoW

  21. The synopsis reminds me of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - I am the only one?:)) But it's pretty amazing how a book can grab your attention with a few short sentences. This one sounds awesome - dark and intriguing!<3

  22. I've been seeing this one around a lot lately, it looks really good! :)
    My WoW!

  23. Intrigued! That summary gives just enough to make me slightly drool. In a good way. Great pick!

    Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books <--My WoW!

  24. Oh, my, god... that sounds so awesome. Thank you for sharing! I hadn't heard of it yet!!

  25. I haven't heard of this one before but it sounds amazing! Plus, I LOVE that cover! Wonderful pick! :)

    Ivy Book Bindings

  26. I've seen this around and i'm eager to read it.

    Great pick! =D

    Check out my WoW.

  27. Yesss!! I'm so looking forward to this one as well!!! I found out about it recently and I'm really excited for it :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration
    My WoW

  28. Eye catching cover, sounds good.

  29. This sounds like a really good, contemporary YA book. I'm going to add it to my TBR list.

    My WOW:

  30. I remember reading the query letter for this on a site (which was pretty much exactly as the plot summary appears there) and thinking that it sounded absolutely fantastic. Can't believe there's over a year to wait, though!

  31. AGGHHHHHHH! I am hooked completely, man. This sounds absolutely awesometastic! Thanks for a great post.

    Inkie's WoW

  32. This one sounds very very intriguing! I must check this one out! Fantastic pick! Thanks for sharing :)

    MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter
    Our WoW for this week

  33. I'm looking forward to this book as well! Good pick!
    Here's mine.

  34. sounds awesome - thanks for sharing!


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