April 30, 2012

YA Releases

This is a weekly post to spotlight some YA and MG books that will be releasing during this week.

**Disclaimer: Each image links to Amazon. If you purchase through the links, I receive a very small percentage. Thank you for supporting this blog!


  1. eh? i thought the golden lily will be released on June 12th?

  2. You are right! I apologize for the mistake :(

  3. Oh, Wentworth Hall is being released this week? That one looks good!

  4. My pre-ordered Insurgent should arrive any day. I'm so excited!
    Definitely want to get my hands on Waiting, but am a little hestitant to read When you were mine, and a Being friends with Boys.
    Will have to wait to read some reviews :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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