April 26, 2012

Cover Reveal!!

Lisa Schroeder, one of my all time favorite writers, just revealed THIS: 


Some of you might know that Lisa's other YA is all written in verse, but this is actually a chapter book! I couldn't be more excited about this one. 

Read more about the book on  Goodreads.

And then there's the one and only Hannah Moskowitz and THIS:

Which is just brilliant! See what the heart is made of? and the fish skin? Eeek. Another win!

Read more on Goodreads or Hannah's blog!


  1. The cover for teeth is so adorable. I love it!
    Also am looking forward to Falling For You.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Just saw Teeth on Hannah's blog <3 it sooo much.That Schroeder one looks mighty steamy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. A chapter book?! *squee* I have read all of Schroeder's verse novels except Far From You, which I hope to rectify soon. Great reveal, thanks for sharing.

  4. I know you've always raved about Lisa's books - I just never was into verse so I'm pretty excited she has a chapter book coming out!

    Ooo Teeth - I am so out of the loop I didn't even know about this one! Must go check it out!

  5. Ohhhh I love Lisa! Can't wait to read a chapter book by her :) Thanks for sharing

  6. I can't wait for Falling For You!! <3 Lisa!


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