February 17, 2012

YA-MG Historical Fiction Challenge Link-up & Giveaway!

 I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. This is the place where you link up your reviews, so your fellow participants can read them and people can find one place with a bunch of YA/MG historical fiction reviews together. Also, you might win something for doing it!

Since I wont be making a separate post to announce the winner, I'm asking for your Twitter handle so I can announce it there. If you don't have one, include your email. First giveaway is international and ends March 31st. **You MUST be a challenge participant to enter and THE ONLY way of entering is linking a YA/MG historical fiction review read and posted in 2012.

Prize will be:

  • Grave Mercy by Robin LaFeveres (ARC)
  • Renegade Magic by Stephanie Burgis (ARC)

  1. The Last Song (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  2. Dragonswood (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  3. The Pirate Captain's Daughter (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  4. The Gathering Storm (Diary of a Book Addict)
  5. Waterfall (Diary of a Book Addict)
  6. My Story: No Way Back (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  7. Making Bombs for Hitler (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  8. Torn Apart (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  9. Scarlet (Diary of a Book Addict)
  10. Born Wicked (Diary of a Book Addict)
  11. Our Australian Girl: Meet Nellie (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  12. The Gathering Storm (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  13. The Hidden Gold (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  14. Grave Mercy (Diary of a Book Addict)
  15. The Springsweet (Diary of a Book Addict)
  16. Dragonswood (Diary of a Book Addict)
  17. The Gathering Storm (So Simply Sara)
  18. The Gathering Storm (Dreaming of Books)
  19. Scarlett (Charlotte's Library)
  20. Dragonswood (Charlotte's Library)
  21. Sun Flower, Sun Faster (Charlotte's Library)
  22. The Academie (Tripping Over Books)
  23. Matilda's Secret (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  24. Wartime Princess (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  25. The Girl in the Mask (Fridge Fulla Books!)
  26. Daughter of the Forest (Fridge Fulla Books)
  27. Grave Mercy (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  28. Vixen (So Many Books, So Little Time)
  29. Sisters of Glass (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  30. Forget Me Not (Rebecca's Book Blog)
  31. Scarlett (NYX Book Reviews)
  32. Sisters of Glass (NYX Book Reviews)
  33. Promise the Night (Reading Challenged)
  34. Until Next Time (Reading Challenged)

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  1. Just found this challenge, and am looking forward to checking out what the others have been reading! Thanks for organizing it.


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