January 26, 2012

How to help Yara

You may have heard already that an amazing blogger, Yara from Once Upon a Twilight, has lost her house in a terrible fire this past weekend. We were driving from Houston to Dallas for ALA, when she received the news. She was my roommate at ALA, so I know first hand how awful it was, and how much we admire her for keeping it together. Thankfully, everyone is okay, but they lost all their possessions.

Because the YA world is such a giving and awesome community, lots of people have offered and rushed to help. Mundie Moms has set up a Birthday book drive which you can read about here, you can see Yara's book list to donate books or make financial donations through Twilight Moms.

Anything you can help with is greatly appreciated.

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  1. This is terrible to read about! I am glad you posted it though so I was able to hear about it and contribute!



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