January 3, 2012

Author This or That with Veronica Rossi (Under The Never Sky Blog Tour)

Apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic?
Post. But apocalyptic might be interesting at some point...

Female or Male narrator?
Darn. Both?

First or third person?
Third. For this series : )

Fast or slow pace?
Fast, mostly.

Setting or world building?
Both. I see them as the same thing.

YA or Adult?
Older YA.

One voice or alternating POVs?

Romance or action?
Romantic action. Action romance.

Plot or character driven?
Character. Plot. Ahhh! I'm failing, aren't I?

Hard copy or ebooks?
E-books, but hard copies for the very favorites.

Thanks for having me, Sab!

Thank you, Veronica, for stopping by!

Happy release day to Under the Never Sky, you can now go get your copy of this wonderful dystopian novel wherever books are sold.


  1. fun! And so looking forward to reading this one!

  2. I'm just about finished with this one and I love, love, love it. Seriously. I finally forced myself to put it down so I could do something productive. You know, like blog surf. Ahem, I'd better go find some laundry to fold ...


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