August 30, 2011

Interview with Marcello Forelli - River of Time Series Blog Tour

I'm so thrilled to be a part of this tour because I seriously profoundly LOVE this series! They are an epic mix of historical fiction with thrilling heart-pumping adventure and unbelievably delicious men romance! What more can I possibly ask for? 

I was supposed to interview Marcello but Lisa had to do it for me because, as soon as I saw him, I was shocked into silence by his utter, steaming HOTNESS *sigh* ;P


Lisa: So…talk to me about Gabriella. I get the feeling you didn’t know what love was before you met her.

Marcello: [squints eyes and considers me, then tilts head] I don’t know if that is true, m’lady. I loved Lady Romana.

Lisa: Right. But my sense is that you loved her like a brother, a loyal friend. What you discovered with Gabriella was…different. Right?

Marcello: Sensed? You sensed my love?

Lisa: Hmm. It’s a figure of speech from our era. That’s what I gathered, understood.

Marcello: [slowly nodding] Yes. I believe you are right. Gabriella…it was far different than what I ever felt for Romana. From the very beginning. Are you a seer?

Lisa: A seer?

Marcello: Someone who knows things beyond mere mortals.

Lisa: I’m an author. So…uh…sort of. Tell me what was it? What about Gabriella caught your attention?

Marcello: [narrows eyes, as if totally confused] Have you not met my Gabriella?

Lisa: Yes, but I’d like to know what you discovered about her when you met.

Marcello: [eyebrows raise, shakes head] She was utterly unique. Beautiful. At first desperately out of place. Like a flower in winter. But then, quickly, strong, so strong. A warrior queen coming to her feet, head high. I’d never met anyone like her. [shrugs] Everyone she meets sees her in a similar way, along with her sister, Lia.

Lisa: Do you attribute that to her being from a different time?

Marcello: My Gabriella would be unique in any time.

Lisa: Okay, got it. So…tell me. Did the fact that she was from another time not completely freak you out?

Marcello: Freak me out? What is this turn of speech?

Lisa: Throw you for a loop. Make you run for the hills. [pausing] Uh…Did it not frighten you?

Marcello: [leaning forward, forearms on knees] It is, indeed, a fearsome and wondrous thing. It can only be of God.

Lisa: Does Gabi agree with you?

Marcello: I think so, yes. Neither of us fully understands; we both are merely in awe that we have been brought together at all.

Lisa: What would happen to you if something happened to Gabi?

Marcello: [moves hand to hilt of sword] You know of a new threat against my beloved?

Lisa: [lifts hands, easing him down] No, no. None that I know of, m’lord. But you live in a volatile time.

Marcello: [leans back again, with casual shrug] You’re the seer. But come what may, Gabriella and I shall find our path. We are destined to do so.

SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT: For more on Marcello Forelli, visit his brand new Facebook page to ask him a question yourself.
For more on Lisa Bergren, see her website, or check out the River of Time site and Facebook page.

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One winner will receive all 3 books in the River of Time Series. 
Giveaway is open worldwide and ends September 13, 2011. 
If the winner lives in US, he/she will receive the books signed!! 
If an international entrant wins, he/she gets to choose between e-books or unsigned hardbacks. 


  1. Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  2. Oh! This was great. It made me laugh, Lisa trying to explain different figures or speech and sayings from our time to Marcello! Great! I'm a fan of him on Facebook! It's so entertaining to see his posts! :D

  3. This was awesome! Marcello is so ...beast xD Great Giveaway too by the way.

  4. I love character interviews!! And couldn't get much better.
    Thanks for the interviews and the giveaway!

  5. Aww Marcello. He's so sweet. Him and Gabi are adorable. <3

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. haha, This is awesome! I don't know this Marcello yet, but he sounds pretty...swoon-worthy. In fact, he may be sa-woon worthy! Absolutely love the way he responds to Lisa too, with the wording and etc :o)

  7. So cool! I LOVE Character interviews! They're so much fun to read! Especially when they're with Marcello... *sigh* Gotta love him!

  8. I LOVE Marcello and Gabi !! They both are so awesome and adorable together !! I really enjoyed reading the interview of Marcello ! *sighs happily* and thank you for this Superb giveaway. !

  9. That is so funny. Marcello is amazing, to way he loves Gabi that much. I am definatly team Marcello!

    Rebekah Gyger

  10. LOLOL! This was so funny! Thanks for this fun interview!

  11. Haha, I love Marcello. He's captured my heart for sure! Great interview! :D

  12. This was so awesome!! Marcello is the best-so loving and sincere to Gabriella. Thanks for the givaways too... awesome!

  13. This is such a cute interview! I love Marcello!! Can't wait to read more about him in TORRENT! :)

  14. I loved the interview. I laughed out loud a couple of times...

  15. Awesome post! I love the interview. Thank you for being apart of the blog tour :)

  16. Wow, what an interview. Totally and completely LOVED it!! :-)

    The men in the River of Time series are just totally, freakin' awesome! (especially Rodolfo, imo! ;-)

  17. haha, aw, I love Marcello. I don't think I'd be able to keep my composure enough to conduct a proper interview either. :)

  18. Too much fun, Marcello & Lisa :)

    Marcello, Luca, Lia and Gabi graciously allowed me to interview them on my blog, too, if any of you want to check them out.

  19. What a fun interview. I can't wait to see what happens in Torrent!

  20. How fun - so funny!

  21. Marcello is awesome!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  22. Thanks for the chance to win! I haven't read the "Rivers of Time" yet, but hope to read the first book soon. =)

  23. Thank you for the chance to win! :)

    Cherry Mischievous

  24. Thanks for the giveaway!! :) I can't wait to read these books!

  25. This series looks amazing! I just added the first book to my To-Read list on Goodreads.

  26. I love this series so much. I especially adore Lord Greco! Would love to win the giveaway sooo much as they only have Torrent in New Zealand for $40!!!!



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