June 6, 2011

Four More Paths!

Have YOU been playing and following the Nine Paths game? You should! It's so fun! 

Third Path
In this path we received a small package that had a basset charm and a encrypted note. On the back of the note it told us to translate the message. The translation was “The Uniter is Chloe King” which I sort of had guessed by this point. But it’s so fun playing detective! Anyway, once I tweeted that I received the full version of the scroll:

Fourth Path
“The Fourth Path will be a time of awakening. The Circle of Strangers shall face the greatest of unknowns: Those whose trust grows truly and those whose trust rains false.”
Here we had to translate a symbol on the baby bib and use that for help. I was stupid enough to be quite stuck until I tried putting in the website that was there. www.kiddiebibs.com ! There I had to enter a password and I put in “trust” which was the translation of the symbol. You can see the video I found HERE!

Fifth Path
In this one we had to mislead a twitter user (@Batko614) who is looking for Chloe so he wouldn’t be able to find her! Once we succeeded there was a video to search under “Chloe’s crush” Here you go:

Sixth Path
A package containing a T-shirt and a note arrived this morning. We had to inspect the T-shirt closely. There was a phone number and an extension number. I called and received this message:
“We believe the Uniter is here in San Francisco. If this girl is in fact the Uniter, remember, she has nine lives. You must eliminate the threat.
One word of caution: it has come to our attention that a group called the Circle is helping the Mai. Do not allow them to get in your way. I repeat, do not allow the Circle to get in your way. Eliminate the threat.”
When I emailed them they replied:
“As a tribute to the Circle of Strangers, we, the Mai, have made a limited quantity of t-shirts available. The first to step forward with the correct password shall claim their reward. The password to release the t-shirts can be found somewhere within [this message].” So go claim your T-shirt HERE! I transcribed the whole message to help you out! :)

The Nine Paths to Chloe King Free Gift offer ("Offer") is valid from 5/24/11 at 8:00AM Pacific Daylight Time ("PDT") to 6/14/11 at 11:59:59 PM PDT or until supplies last, whichever is sooner. Offer open to residents of 50 US and DC, 13 and older who follow a participating blogger in The Nine Paths to Chloe King Blogger/Journalist Program ("Blogger") at time of redeeming free gift ("Free Gift"). Each 1 of 3 Free Gifts available is tied to a different code word which will be revealed by Blogger at 3 separate times (estimated to be 5/24/11, 6/6/11, and 6/10/11). To redeem a Free Gift (while supplies last), go to abcfamily.com/ninepaths and enter code. Expect Free Gift within 8-10 weeks from 6/14/11. Limit: 1 Free Gift/person. Void where prohibited.

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