May 14, 2011

Summer Series' Ending (Spoilers!)

I decided to write about this book because I have/had such mixed feelings about it. Now don't get me wrong when I list these things, I absolutely LOVED the book and this story felt so utterly and completely real to me that it stirred up all these questions and doubts about it. I'll just go ahead and list them and you guys tell me how you feel about them. This is for people who've already read the book so, *spoilers ahead*
    We'll Always Have Summer (Summer Novels)
  • After finishing the series, I felt like in the first book she wanted us to fall for Conrad, in the second she wanted us to believe Conrad was a dick and un-love him and understand why she belongs with Jere, and then in the third it's like, never mind, Jere's the immature prick and Conrad's the serious one who has always loved her.*head spinning*
  • I was a little disappointed that Belly not only forgave Jere so easily but also rushed into something with such blind stubbornness (marriage) it was almost childish, for both of them. I kind of felt like Jere did it to swoon her and make her forget his mistake, or even worse: for the sex, while she did it just to try and suppress the fact the she was scared of not having a Fisher.
  • We see all these flaws that she finds in Jeremiah throughout the book, like how lightly he thinks of money, or how absolutely childish he is about college and his buddies, and yet Belly never acts on them. When things like that start happening, you expect them to appear in the climax, but when they fight at the end, it's all about her and Conrad. Not fair!
  • Okay, this one did kind of pissed me off a bit but I was so happy that she ended up with Con, I didn't think about it right away. NO KISS! Seriously? She picks Con,  with the whole effin' book leading to it, the whole darn series leading to it, and we get no kiss?? Say what? I wanted a steamy, warm-feeling, heart-racing kiss. One of those that have you smiling like an idiot for like, ten minutes. Jere kisses her so many times in this book and yet we get no Con-smooch? Again, SO not fair!
I'm just bitter this is over because I loved loved loved it every word of it so so much.
Also, this now a New york Times Bestselling series! Hurray! :)
I cant wait for more Jenny Han books.


  1. OMG, I never noticed the lack of a Con kiss! Clearly I need to read it again. Though it's possible I was too busy jumping up and down to notice...

    As for your points, here goes:

    1. I agree! In book 1 I loved them both. Book 2 I thought Con was a complete dick, and in book 3 the tables turned and I thought Jere was an immature, stupid bloody idiot. I think what Jenny was trying to show is that people change when they go off to college, things that weren't important before - like money etc. - come to the forefront and you find out what people are really like. With Con going away and seriously studying, I think he ended up being the more mature one. Belly needed that.

    2. This annoyed the crap out of me. He does all that stuff and she doesn't really bat an eyelid and STILL agrees to marry him?! Whatevs. I think she was so scared of losing him (of the Fisher name, like you said) that she was willing to forget anything. I read that whole chapter and I was like WHAT THE EFF?! I honestly didn't Belly was going to forgive him, but she went and did it anyway. It was pure desperation and panic, I'm sure. For both of them.

    3. Her and Conrad was the big fight I think, it's always been that. By that time, was she so caught up in Con, and the reality that she could have him, that she simply forgot all about Jere and his idiotic side? I think so. I hope so, anyway.

    4. Like I said, I just realised this. But hey, I never noticed, and I'm attributing that to the fact that their love is so realistic and believable that their reunion didn't need to be physical. Dammit, now I think about it I want a hot passionate kiss on a table. Or against a wall. Rarrgh.

    I looooooved this book. I've written my review and it gets a big fat A grade. LOVED IT. Sad it's over though. *cries*

  2. At first I was shocked that Belly was all: Yeah, I'll marry you type of deal because it was a childish move BUT Belly, to me anyways, has always came across as childish so when that clicked to me, in another way it didn't surprise me. It was almost perfect but not for her character to do something as crazy as that.

    OMG I DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE NO KISS! I think my heart was just racing if they were going to end up together, but you're right! We needed a kiss!!


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