April 18, 2011

YA Releases

This is a weekly post to spotlight (some) YA and MG books that will be releasing during this week.

Invincible Summer
The Betrayal of Maggie BlairBoyfriends with GirlfriendsDefiance (Strange Angels, Book 4)
EonaThe Goddess Test (Harlequin Teen)The Coven's Daughter


  1. I want all of these, unfortunately, I have so many books waiting on the shelf to read I am restricting myself for now.

  2. I just got Invincible Summer in my mailbox today!

  3. Boyfriends with Girlfriends and The Goddess List are both on my 'hmm' list. And interesting to see that Lucy Jago's book got a new title in the US!

  4. Hooray, Invincible Summer! I'm so excited to read that one :)

  5. The Coven's Daughter is called Montacute House here!
    Didn't know they had a different name in USA

  6. Don't know how to keep up with all of these books...my goodreads list is longer than I can possibly keep up with!


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