April 14, 2011

Audiobook Reviews (2)

In which I share my opinion of audio-books I've listened to.

Split by Swati Avasthi (Narrated by Joshua Swanson)
This book is heart-tearing awesomeness. A dark, harsh, raw and powerful story of abuse told from a impeccably done male pov. I'm a huge fan of dark contemporary, and specially love blunt authors who don't sugarcoat hard issues. The narrator was splendid and did an astoundingly wonderful job of setting a voice for each character. I'm already a fan of Joshua (the narrator) from previous audios, he's done a very large repertoire because, of course, he is very good at it.

Book:  ★★★★★
Narrator:  ★★★★★
Recommended audio? YES, please!

The Summer I Turned PrettyThe Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (Narrated by Jessica Almasy)

This is one of those few, very rare cases in which, an already glowing book is enhanced by a glorious enchanting narrator. Absolutely fantastic! Perfect for re-reads-listening or first timers. The narrator does a spectacular job and I cant think of a better voice to match my dear Belly!

Book:  ★★★★★
Narrator:  ★★★★★
Recommended audio? OF COURSE!

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto (Narrated by Alexandra Adornetto!)
One of the main reasons I wanted to listen to this is because we rarely get to hear the author read their own book, aside from tiny bits at signings. Very few times they, themselves, narrate the audiobook. The only author I have ever listened to reading his own book was Neil Gaiman, and I was very pleased. Sadly, in this case, in my opinion, it did not work. I found the story very unoriginal, blindly following the cliched paranormal recipe. Also found out with this one that I'm very reluctant to angel books. But either way, her narrating was childish and boring for my taste, and she also didn't switch between voices very well, which is something a good narrator MUST have. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to keep up with dialogues.

Book:  ★★
Narrator:  ★★
Recommended audio? NO.


  1. I love Joshua Swanson from his narration of The Lost Hero, so I've been wanting to listen to Split. Also, I didn't realize that Alexandra Adornetto reads her own story... I might have to listen to that as well! :)

  2. I also really liked Split. I thought the story and the characters were real and interesting

  3. I just picked up the audio of The Summer I Turned Pretty -- I've never read it -- and I'm so excited that you love the narrator! It can really make or break an audio book. (I LOVEDDDD the audio for Going Bovine, plus John Green's books have great narrators, and Kristin Cashore's Fire has an amazing narrator.)

    One author who did a FABULOUS job narrating her own book was Leslie Livingston for Wondrous Strange.

  4. Now you've made me want to buy TSITP on audio. Thanks dude ;)

  5. Oh man, I have GOT to listen to The Summer I Turned Pretty. I loved reading it. But I have also got to read the rest of the series, haha. I miss it! I've heard good things about Split, too! I've yet to read that! :)

  6. Neil Gaiman is such a good reader, but you are right—he seems to be an exception.


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