March 8, 2011

Proper Lighting

As a passionate reader, when I'm really into a book I can read almost anywhere. My favorite reading spot isn't even at home. I love reading in this weird bench in my university, that is just cozy and shaded and perfect. But, since it's outdoors I always depend on natural lighting which isn't always comfortable for reading, specially in this weird weather roller-coaster we have in Houston.

U of H Seat..... and Relax....
My awesome bench at University of Houston.

I've decided to redecorate a spot at home and make it the perfect reading spot. I almost have everything set but I cant decide on how to illuminate. Since I'm also planning on buying an e-reader (I'm anti-e-readers so I'm not proud of it!) or an iPad, I was wondering what the proper lighting for my reading space should be. I'm already half-blind (I have 8.0 myopia) so I'm really concerned about making it easy for my poor eyes :P ... I've considered floor lamps, table lamps, or maybe I should just get one of those tiny lamps that can be attached to books. I've also wondered what type of bulb works better for e-readers?

I came across this reading spot and couldn't help wishing that someday when I'm rich and decide to live in the wilderness, I will definitely replicate it for myself. Ha!

*Disclosure: this post includes a link required for reviewing a csn product. First picture is property of Photographer Daniel Horande.


  1. I love that bench! It does look like a nice reading spot. As far as lighting goes, I just have a really simple table lamp next to my favorite reading chair :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that bench looks so cool! I would totally read there too.
    I have no reading spot and this makes me so sad. But I can read anywhere as long as there's light, of course. Afternoon lighting feels like it's too I just read in the kitchen with the kitchen light on. I would love to have that wicked reading spot in the jungle, though! It looks like paradise! :D

  3. I so wish I had a spot like that second picture!

  4. Wow, that's totally a cool bench!

    As for eReaders, I would definitely get one that has eInk (i.e. not an iPad or a Nook Color), because that's way easier on your eyes than something that's backlit like a computer screen. You can also buy accessories, at least for the Kobo you can, that are a book light thing that clips right onto your eReader.

    When I read I like having a light behind me... both in my spot in the living room and by my bed I have lights that are on the wall... the one is the living is pretty cool because it has the 3 different light settings, either brighter or less so.

  5. OMG. I wish I was rich and lived in the wilderness. That place looks awesome.

    It's the same thing with the Amazing Book Staircase. Seriously. I want it so bad.


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