February 7, 2011

YA Releases

This is a weekly post to spotlight (some) YA and MG books that will be releasing during this week.

Cryer's CrossThe Iron WitchKindred
CloakedWhere I BelongPink
So ShellyThe Truth About Dating, Love, and Just Being FriendsChasing AllieCat
Red Moon RisingShadow WalkersIndependence Rock
How to Be a Werewolf: The Claws-on Guide for the Modern LycanthropeFather of LiesAngry Young Man
Will Work for Prom DressThe Floating Islands


  1. I am looking forward to so many of these. It's a little ridiculous really :( I am going to be one broke girl!

  2. I'm exited for a lot of these. So many great books coming out! :)


  3. Lisa McMann! Ahh! All of these all look so darn good!


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