February 23, 2011

Unique voices in YA

For no apparent reason, I started thinking about which female voice stands out from all the books I've read. Aside from the story, there are some books that just grab at you by having an utterly powerful and compelling voice that make the book that much more awesome.

When I started writing down my top favorite voices though, I found that they were strangely... all contemporary. Now don't get me wrong, I've quite enjoyed voices in other genres, but these are the top ones that stand out in my head, and they happen to share the genre. So it made me wonder if maybe, just maybe, this is why I like so much contemporary reads. See, I know exactly what I like about high fantasy, dystopian and historical fiction. Its something I've already discussed before--how other worlds and realities are so fascinating. But comtemps? It's actually hard to say, right? What do you think, Contemp lovers?
I believe I found my answer. And it lies in the voice.

Here's my list of favorite voices:
  • Belly from the Summer series.
  • Ruby Oliver. (The Boyfriend List and so on..)
  • Andi from Revolution, which yes, is technically historical, but Alex doesn't have such an awesome powerful voice as Andi does, and since Andi is the contemporary one, I think I can count this as contemp too.
  • Taylor from Jellicoe Road
  • Parker from Cracked Up to Be
  • Remy from This Lullaby. Actually most of Dessen's protags have very strong voices. This one just happens to be my favorite because I can identify with her more and she's kind of unique even amongst Dessen's female leads.
What are your favorite voices? I'd really love to know, so comment away.


    1. The first voice that came to mind for me was Andi too. I adored this book and since I have it as an audio am probably going to listen to it again soon. Another strong female voice was Katsa, even though Graceling is written in third person, Katsa's strength of character came through loud and clear.

      Great post!

    2. Fantastic post! I loved Deanna in Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl and Violet Raines in Danette Haworth's Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning (MG).

    3. Neat topic! :) When we're talking about voices, are we referring to the first-person narrative? I think it would be harder to relate to a character when reading about them in third-person.

      Favorite voices in contemporary that I can recall are Audrey (Audrey, Wait!), Vera Dietz (Please Ignore Vera Dietz), Mia (if i stay), Kara (Ballads of Suburbia)...

    4. For me there is a few... Sarah Dessen, Richelle Vincent, and even though she's only written one book, Kelly Craegh...

      <3 Happy Reading
      Patricia @ Patricia's Particularity

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    5. Eddie from Fall For Anything had a powerful voice filled with sorrow yet also hope.

      I also found Jace's voice in Split to be strong and truthful.

      Both fantastic reads!

    6. I loved Belly and Ruby! I've yet to finish those series though. And it's been a long time since I've read This Lullaby, I can hardly remember Remy. Hooray, contemporary! I actually can't think of one voice that I like right now. Truth be told, not one comes to mind, though I really agree with your choices :)


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