January 24, 2011

Trapped's Scotty Character Interview (Blog Tour)

Today I have a very special guest who stopped by for an interview. Scotty and his friend went through a pretty gruesome experience recently. They got stuck in their High School during one of the worst blizzards in US history. It snowed for a week. He tells his story in TRAPPED which I recently read and he stopped by to answer some of my questions. 

Three things you wish you would have taken to school with you that day.

Well, you know, if my backbone hadn’t fallen out somewhere around homeroom, I wouldn’t have needed anything else. I could just have told Jason it wasn't a good idea to stay after. I guess I would’ve needed my brain for that too. Probably fell out in the same place. Anyway, barring a full central nervous system, I’d say:

A really good sleeping bag, like the ones they use on Mt. Everest
A basketball (I could at least have worked on my ball-handling)
An iPod

While you were trapped is there anything you would have done differently?

I don’t know, I feel like I was kind of needlessly jerky here and there. I guess I would’ve been friendlier. I think it might also have helped to have left the water running.

TrappedWhat was your biggest fear?

I was afraid for my mom.

Any advice for people who may find themselves in the same situation?

First of all, you know, sorry about that. That sucks. Second, just try to make smart decisions. Think things through and don’t do anything because you’re angry or embarrassed.

Will we know anything about the aftermath of your experience?

Well, the story I told was the story of our group. It was about us, because that’s what I saw and that’s what I know. What happened after that, the Aftermath or the Federal Response or anything big like that, it’s not really my place. It was awkward enough just to speak for Jason, and I’ve known him forever. It’s like in basketball: You’ve got to know your range. I guess I can say this: The people around here are pretty resilient, the school’s still standing, and my mom is still sending me there.


  1. Thanks for hosting this, Sabrina! It seems very appropriate to kick off the blog tour for Trapped with an interview with its narrator.

  2. Nice interview! The first answer about having a backbone cracked me up!


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