December 8, 2010

UPDATE: YA Historical Fiction Challenge

The response has been AMAZING! I am SO THRILLED! I hope to really boost this amazing genre of YA. I've gotten lots of emails with questions so I hope I get to them all here. If you already read YAHF, please take a second to fill in your 3 favorite titles at the bottom.

  • Anyone can enter at any time from now to December 2011. (Sign up here)
  • You are not required to review the books unless you wish to enter one of the exclusive giveaways for participants that will be offered during 2011 for which the entries will be reviews.
  • Books do NOT have to be 2011 releases nor do they have to be debuts.
  • All books must be YA or MG to count.
  • You do NOT have to run a blog to participate, although there must be a public website where I can find you (Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, etc)
  • Your blog does NOT have to be a book blog.
  • If you enter with your blog link, you MUST post about the challenge so I may link.
  • If you already posted about it in your blog but forgot to sign in and fill my form, I will never know you are participating.
  • The official list of participants is here, if you think you signed up but dont see your name there, please sign up again.
  • If your name is there but there is no link, you did not link to your post. Please sign up again with the post link.
  • Books that are paranormal or urban fantasy set in a historical setting (Clockwork Angel) are still technically Historical Fiction. They DO count towards your total. I dont have them in any of the lists because the idea was to promote realistic historical books that are less popular.

For Authors and publishers:

I am currently accepting Historical Fiction books and swag for giveaways. I will also spotlight upcoming and unsung titles during the year with different types of posts. If you have a historical fiction book published that is not in any of the lists i provide or you wish to participate in some way, please fill out this form.

Historical Fiction fans:

For recommendation purposes for the challenge please let me know your top 3 YA HF books below:

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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this, but I posted an update to my challenge list and upgraded from lvl 1 to lvl 2.


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