November 27, 2010

YA Historical Fiction Challenge

I'm hosting this challenge hoping readers will embrace this awesome genre within YA that is full of outstanding books and many upcoming releases. I will have exclusive giveaways for participants during the year. Lets see how it goes and I will post again with updates. Share the word! (feel free to grab the image as button)

Historical fiction: tells a story that is set in the past. That setting is usually real and drawn from history, and often contains actual historical persons, but the principal characters tend to be fictional. Writers of stories in this genre, while penning fiction, attempt to capture the spirit, manners, and social conditions of the persons or time(s) presented in the story, with due attention paid to period detail and fidelity. (Wikipedia)

** Please read the Update here. (If you are an author wanting to promote you book fill in the form at the end of that post)

UPDATE! Some Lists:
- My Amazon YA Historical Fiction list
- New YA Historical Fiction 2011
- My Goodreads Historical Fiction shelf here! 
- Time Line with YA Historical titles post-Civil War

Choose your level:

Level 1: 5 YA HF books in 2011
Level 2: 10 YA HF books in 2011
Level 3: 15 YA HF books in 2011
  • All Historical Fiction books must be YA or MG
  • Books don't have to be 2011 releases.
  • Anyone can join. Please link to a public (web) place I can find you.
  • You can join at anytime. The challenge runs from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011


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  1. Woo hoo! I'm so excited for this challenge! Thanks so much for hosting :)

  2. I'm definitely considering this one. I haven't seen a YA / MG historical fiction challenge.

  3. My debut YA HF novel entitled CROSSING THE TRACKS was published in July 2010. I'm very interested to know more about how the challenge works. Thanks for a terrific idea.

  4. This is an amazing challenge. Can't wait to get cracking on some YA HF next year. :D

    Oh, and yes--people, add CROSSING THE TRACKS to your lists. It's "crazy good". :)

  5. Great idea for a challenge. YA historical is my favorite genre!

  6. Have read a half dozen YA historicals this month. Love them! Thanks for the challenge and the links.

  7. I signed up! Thanks for hosting this challenge!

  8. This is historical fiction week in my Materials for Youth class (I'm in library school). I was hoping someone would host a challenge like this, and I'm glad I found it! I'm off to create a post and then I'll be back to sign up. :)

  9. Technical question, Sab: Do the books have to be both read and reviewed in 2011, or can we read them now and post our reviews in the New Year?

    Also, where do we post our reviews?

    Thanks, I am so excited!


  10. They can be read now if you want. The reviews can be anywhere that is linkable and they will count towards the exclusive giveaways.

  11. Oooh this is an awesome challenge, I am going to go make a post for this now.

  12. Sab, I think this sounds fun, but I've got a silly question. The actual challenge is to READ AND REVIEW this many books? Or just read & keep a list? Thanks!

  13. This is a great challenge that I just discovered! I am so a new follower now! I just love your blog!

  14. Love YA HF! Great challenge! I just read Bright Young Things :) I wish I found this challenge earlier!

  15. This is a really excitig challenge, and a good excuse for those of us who don't usually read HF, to give it a try!

    Oh, another book you might like is "A Heart for Any Fate," by Linda Crew. It's about a teenager girl's journal with her family on the Oregon Trail.

  16. Can't wait for this challenge! Thanks for hosting it!

  17. I am really looking forward to this challenge. It is a great challenge.

  18. thanks for the challenge! i'm super excited. :D

  19. Awesome challenge-- I so excited to start! Hurry up, 2011! An amazing book for everyone's list: Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran. Trust me, you will love it. :)

  20. Awesome challenge! I'm excited to be participating and have already picked out a dozen books. :)

  21. Great Challenge! :D

    But I do have a question: I'm from Austria so my blog is in German - can I join? Or would you like to understand the reviews the participants are writing? ;)

  22. Thanks for hosting this challenge. I'm eager to get started!

  23. Thanks for hosting! I've got such a soft spot for historical fiction and it'll be great to indulge it. =)

  24. Thanks for hosting this challenge! I look forward to challenging myself to read more HF!

  25. I'm looking forward to this challenge! I love YA historical books. Thanks for hosting!

  26. This is a wonder challenge :)I love historical fiction but I feel like I don't read enough of it.

  27. Ok. I'm really late compared to everyone else, but I'm still excited to try this out. :) I think this is a great challenge idea. Like everyone else I don't read enough HF.

  28. Hey! I signed up yesterday! Looking forward to this.

  29. Hi!
    I've just read The Queen Must Die and although it is a time travel book I think it is also historical fiction...
    Do you think it counts?

  30. Looks like fun. I just signed up.

  31. Hey, a bit late in the game but I'm joining in at level two!

  32. Are you going to have this challenge in 2012, too? I love this idea! Also, new follower to your blog. Think I'm a bit late to sign up for this year, but looking forward to it for next.


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