November 18, 2010

Shadow Hills Paperback Cover!

By now you might know that we're unveiling the paperback cover of Shadow Hills in puzzle pieces. How cool is that!? I cant wait to see the whole thing!

The full cover will be available November 20th in Anastasia's Blog! You can also follow her on twitter or like Shadow Hills on Facebook.

My piece:

Trivia questions are also part of the fun, so if you've read Shadow Hills be sure to answer the questions in each of the stops so you can enter to win a signed Shadow Hills Poster! Fill out the form below answering the question to be entered.

You can also find this piece and a different trivia question at DJ's Life in Fiction
Yesterday, A Good Addiction and I Heart Monster posted another piece and two trivia questions. Tomorrow, Just Your Typical Book Blog and Book Nerds will be posting the remaining and two questions.

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