October 16, 2010

Author Guest Review (3) - Lisa Schroeder (Anna and the French Kiss!)

This post features YA Authors as guests sharing their thoughts on books they have loved. It was inspired by YA Reads.

Today I have one of my favorite Contemp authors, LISA SCHROEDER raving about sharing her thoughts on one of the most anticipated 2010 contemporary releases, and personally, my favorite realistic fiction this year, Anna and the French Kiss!

Lisa is the author of three verse novels for Young Adults published by Simon Pulse (I Heart You, You Haunt Me, an ALA 2009 Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, Far From You, a Texas TAYSHAS selection, and Chasing Brooklyn (See my review!). She is also the author of It's Raining Cupcakes, a middle-grade novel published by Aladdin.

by Stephanie Perkins

Lisa's thoughts:

I have dreamt of visiting Paris since I took French in high school. One of my best friends went as a foreign exchange student her senior year, and even now I ask myself, why didn't I DO that?
I think I was scared to go and live with a strange family, but if I could go back in time, that'd be one thing I'd definitely change.

Anna and the French KissNote to everyone reading this: If you have a chance to travel when you're young, DO IT!!!

Anyway, knowing that ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS takes place in Paris, I couldn't wait to read it.

And let me tell you, Stephanie Perkins does an amazing job at making Paris come alive for the reader. It's a book I know I'll reread simply because it feels like you are there, IN Paris with the characters.

Oh, the characters!! Anna is funny, and smart, and a girl I'd love to have as a friend. Now that I've finished the book, I find myself missing her. And St. Clair too, who I'll get to in a second. And don't we all know that missing characters is  the best sign when a book is finished. I felt the same way when I finished LOOKING FOR ALASKA all those years ago after I read it, before anyone even knew a guy named John Green. Julie Strass-Gabel is obviously an editor who knows and understands that characters make all the difference in a story. 

The characters in this book make mistakes. St. Clair, the hot boy is part French, part American, part English, but in my mind, just the hot boy in Paris, is the guy everyone loves, and yet, he's not perfect. And still, with every page, I loved him more and more, because he is kind and thoughtful when it really matters. Not to mention, he has an accent and he's hot! I mean, come on!!

The romance, the feelings, the ups and the downs as the story winds here and there and back again are SO realistic.
I told Stephanie on twitter one night - this is perfection on the page, and I really mean that. There were places I laughed out loud, and places I teared up because my heart hurt for the characters. I've always said - my favorite books are the ones that are able to bring that full range of emotions.

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS is *definitely* one of my favorite books.

I expect big things for this book and for Stephanie Perkins in the years to come. This is the kind of book you read and can't wait to tell everyone about. 

Thanks for letting me share my love of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, Sab. I honestly can't sing its praises loud enough!!

Thank you so much Lisa!

Anna and the French Kiss comes out this December 2nd, which makes it THE perfect X-mas gift for everyone. This is the single one book you don't want to miss, so be sure to preorder your copy today!


  1. *kisses this post!*

    I love it when authors even fangirl out other authors and this book soooo deserves it!

  2. Perfectly put, Lisa! This is one of my all-time favorite books, too! Pretty much everyone I know (that I like) is getting it for Christmas. (Even if I don't like them they still may get a copy...)

  3. I am so so so excited to read this book! I have only read amazing comments/reviews of ANNA. :)

  4. Right now I am dieing to read this book.

  5. Oh, Lisa! I'm all teary. Thank you. And thank you SO MUCH for mentioning Julie, because this book would not not not be what it is without her. She's the best. Period.

  6. Yay for more Anna love. I am thouroughly convinced no one can dislike this book.

    *hugs this post*


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