July 23, 2010

Lets talk Coffee...

Who doesn't need a Coffee Maker, right?

I recently agreed to review one CSN product which was originally going to be a bookshelf but ended up being an Espresso Machine instead. It arrived really fast (about 3 days after placing the order) and it was very easy to put together. I immediately opened it and poured in my favorite Venezuelan coffee and brewed delicious espresso. In this post I'll be reviewing the product I got and giving you my recipes for delicious coffee.

What else can I say? It is really easy to use and comfortably simple to clean. It has the steam tube to heat milk so you can make Cappuccinos and it even comes with instructions on "How to make a perfect espresso" and "Making Cappuccino". The instructions come in English, French, Spanish and Italian. Overall, for it's economic price it is a very satisfying product. If you love coffee, go get yourself one of these now!

CSN has more than 200 stores where you can find absolutely everything and amazing prices.

I once worked in a "Havanna Cafe", which is this amazing Argentinan brand of Alfajores and sweets that have their own cute coffee place. Anyway, they taught me how to make 3-colored Cappuccinos (they can really be done! You know, the ones where you can see one layer milk, then coffee and foam on top.. Never seen them? You'll have to come visit me!) and some other recepies among them a special coffee that is now my favorite coffee in the world yet extremely easy to do.

It's known as "Cafe Bombom" and it has only two ingredients: condensed milk and espresso coffee. You just pour the condensed milk in a pretty-looking shot-type glass and place it on the expresso machine so the coffee falls on top. But beware, it might be extremely addictive! It tastes like heaven and looks like this:

Of course, once you mix it it turns light brown but it looks pretty when you serve it so it makes a great treat for your visits. And if you like 'other' types of drinks (and you're old enough, of course) just add some Khalua or Baileys in! Yum yum! Let me know if you try it!

And m recommendation is that whatever you need to buy for your house or office go check out CSN stores, be sure you have enough time because they have everything!

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  1. Oh my! I need to try that. I need and espresso maker first.

    Great post!


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