May 29, 2010

In My Mailbox (43)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, inspired by Alea and explores the contents of our mailbox on a weekly basis.

Every Little Thing in the World
Angel StarForget YouWill Grayson, Will Grayson

For Review:
  • Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia (Thanks, Jennifer!)
  • The Ghost and the Goth by Stacie Kade (ATW) --> This book was so FUN + LOVE the cover!!
  • Forget You by Jennifer Echols (ATW)
  • Bookmarks from Sleepless by Cyn Balog (Thanks, Cyn!)
  • My YA Bliss' business cards from
  • OMG--> An iPhone! in the Secret Keeper's package of awesomeness! (We had to dig to find the phone!)
 Secret Keeper is an awesome game going on in which we play as a Pretty Little Liars' character (I'm Hanna!) and was put together by ABC Family. As you know, we are really close to the series premiere on June 8th, so they sent the selected Secret Keepers the character's phone and each character has to complete certain challenges to keep the secrets hidden or else "A" spills our secrets. So far we've completed 2 challenges. If you want to know more about it or help me participate, find me on facebook or twitter.

  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan (Book + Audiobook)
  • Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont (Book + Audiobook)


  1. Wow, the PLL thing sounds so cool! :)

    Great books this week - looking forward to all your reviews!

  2. That Secret Keepers thing is so cool! Congrats on the iPhone. Great books as well, I can't wait to read Forget You. :)

  3. That is super cool about The Secret Keepers thing!! DUDE I am soooooo pumped to read Forget You! Tell me how much you love it when you're done, lol

    And OoooOo you got cards? Awesome!!

  4. That's an amazing mailbox! The Secret Keeper game sounds a lot of fun - I love the Pretty Little Liars series. All your books look great this week too.

  5. You got so many awesome books! Forget You is simply awesome!

  6. I am also Hanna for the game!! I LOVED the way the phone came.. Was that not clever or what??

  7. oh my god, you got an iphone!!? xD

    Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont sounds good!

    Happy reading!

  8. oo and iPhone, pretty. The Ghost and the Goth sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy your books and the PLL game.

  9. an iphone! awesome! great titles this week--i've been wanting to read angel star. happy reading!

  10. I am new here. I found your blog on The Book Cellar's blog. Wow, you have a lot of books there. How exciting.

    I am a 10-year-old book blogger for MG and YA books. I love books as much as you do!

  11. Awesome!!! The PLL box is amazing! And an iPhone! Do you get to keep it lol? Enjoy all your books!

  12. Yes I get to keep it of course!!! :D


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