March 27, 2010

Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder

Inside Out (Harlequin Teen)

Middle Grade
Pages: 320
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: April 1, 2010

Keep Your Head Down.
Don't Get Noticed.
Or Else.
I'm Trella. I'm a scrub. A nobody. One of thousands who work the lower levels, keeping Inside clean for the Uppers. I've got one friend, do my job and try to avoid the Pop Cops. So what if I occasionally use the pipes to sneak around the Upper levels? The only neck at risk is my own…until I accidentally start a rebellion and become the go-to girl to lead a revolution.

Okay, so I first heard that this book was not that good. When that happens, I tend to have less expectations or expect it to be boring at least. So maybe its because I was expecting it to be bad, or maybe because I just love anything dystopian, but I really, really enjoyed this book. I've been thinking for a while how to put my thoughts into words, because I feel I liked all the aspects except the romance part. And that never happens! Or shouldn't happen at least. I will try to explain this as best as I can without giving any spoilers (I hate spoilers, if you read my reviews you must know)

You know when you start reading and you're getting into the story, you can sense which is 'the' guy as soon as the female character meets him? Like, from the first interaction, no matter if they instantly connect or they fight, you just know this is your guy, right? Automatically, you start reading their further interactions differently, start expecting the "spark" or the chemistry between them. Well, this time I was SO wrong! Ugh! That really pissed me off! I was really looking forward to their relationship because it was somewhat different (not the typical guy) but all of a sudden a perfect guy appears and bam! that's the guy! Maybe you'll see what I mean, maybe I'm totally crazy. I know from Goodreads, some of my friends don't agree.

Anyhow, aside from the relationship part, the dystopian part was cool, it has the right amount of action and it kept you wanting more. The characters were very well crafted and the plot was steady and interesting, predictable yet still surprising.
All the right ingredients + wrong guy = 4 stars.


  1. I cannot wait to read this book because Maria V. Snyder is my favourite author and I love the Study Series. However, now I wonder what I'll think about the romance part..

  2. I know exactly what you're talking about when referring to "the" guy. Sucks that it wasn't who you wanted it to be. I really do want to read this book though. I love dystopian novels as well.

  3. I haven't read this one yet, but heard some bad reviews. I might give a try, and I completely get what you mean about "the guy".

  4. I think I'm going to read this one. It sounds really good.

  5. This was a wonderful book. I wasn't expecting it to be at all. The ending just made me want more...I need the next book...ahhhhh.

    Maria will be stopping by my blog for a Q&A stay tuned!


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