March 18, 2010

Author Appreciation: Melina Marchetta

Author Appreciation Week was started by the lovely Heidi R. Kling, debut author of the upcoming novel Sea and Sarah from Novel Novice made the banner.

Another all time favorite and probably THE one author I'm dying to meet is Melina Marchetta.

First of all if you haven't read any of her books please do. One of the book I feel most passionately about, a book that I love so much it hurts, is JELLICOE ROAD. Please, read it. (See my review) It is beyond amazing.

Other books by Melina:

- Looking for Alibrandi
- Saving Francesca
- Finnikin of the Rock (Released February 2010 in US!)
- The Piper's Son (Coming March 2011 to US)
  • She writes her own screenplays! She wrote Looking for Alibrandi (was made into a movie in 2000 see here) and she is currently working on **insert huge omg, omg, omg** Jellicoe Road's screenplay!!!
  • She is unbelievably down to earth, as if she doesn't know she is one of the most fantastic YA authors ever! (Watch Penguin's mini documentary)
  • I found this on Adele's blog aka Persnickety Snark: "She was an English teacher until recently and had to teach her own novel (Looking for Alibrandi) once it made the state syllabus. Wouldn't you love to be in that class?" Oh! I would kill to be there!
  • She makes me want to live in Australia!!! (I will... someday)
I found two other Author Appreciation posts about Melina Marchetta:
If you did a AAW post on Melina and want me to link leave it in the comments. If you adore Melina and her writing as much as I do, you rock! And if you've met Melina (cough Kristi cough) I hate you! (Actually, I'm painfully and overwhelmingly jealous!)


  1. She's one of my fave authors as well.
    Omg I would love to see a Jellicoe Road movie! *A*

  2. I just looked up On the Jellicoe Road. It looks interesting, so I added it to my wish list.


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