March 15, 2010

Author Appreciation: Kristin Cashore

Author Appreciation Week was started by the lovely Heidi R. Kling, debut author of the upcoming novel Sea and Sarah from Novel Novice made the banner. I wont do posts all week but I'll be sure to name a few of my favorite authors starting with my absolute favorite: Kristin Cashore.

She is the author of my favorite book: her debut novel Graceling, also has a second book Fire and coming 2011, Bitterblue.

My god, this woman is incredible. Why do I love her so? One of the reasons is her writing. Not many authors manage to create a world and a way of storytelling and speaking as magnificent as Kristin did. Reading her books is like tasting a delicious piece of writing. I don't care what she writes about, I just read. This goes for her blog too. I'll be honest, I don't read many authors blogs religiously, only hers. She always shares great videos and writes about important stuff and random stuff too. She has great advice about writing fantasy, check out this article about a speech she gave on the subject. Random fact: I'm not the only person in the world who writes by hand, Krsitin Cashore too! She carried around her handwritten drafts of Bitterblue when she was on tour. (Signing post)

"Writing is my secret. Every day I unwrap and open it as carefully as I can." - Kristin Cashore on her blog.

Another reason is her characters. She seriously has a gift on creating characters and she gives them THE most creative and cool names ever. Her female characters are strong and brave and witty and her male characters are all swoon-worthy, even the ones you love to hate. Her magical fantasy world is so compelling that she makes you travel as you read. I just love the feeling of completely forgetting where you are standing and see yourself surrounded by these otherworldly landscapes and creatures, with maps there to guide you through the seven kingdoms. Plus, her book covers are always gorgeous.

Final reason: she loves Winnie-the-Pooh! As a Pooh bear fan myself I had to add this! Up til now she has written only epic fantasy books, but she says she wants to explore something different after Bitterblue and mentioned it might be "something along the lines of magical realism". If I say I cant wait, that would be an understatement.

Overall, everything she does is incredible and even though her talent is so powerful, in person she seems shy; how adorable. Makes me love her more, she is an exceptionally wonderful person. Here's a picture of me, the drooling fangirl, and Kristin Cashore: young adult author extraordinaire.


  1. Kristen Cashore does indeed rock out loud! I loveddd Graceling. Still have yet to read Fire, but I'll get to it soon!

    Great post :-D

  2. Kristin Cashore is very talented. Graceling is amazing :-)

  3. I ADORE Kristin Cashore! I love her books! Some of my absolute favorites! Great pick!

  4. AGREED! She is total awesome sauce! =)


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