November 20, 2009

New Moon

I am speechless and shocked about New Moon. Truth be told, I was so disappointed last year when I walked out of Twilight, I didn't even enjoy it until the second time I saw it because I was plain mad. I was expecting so much more, not some low-quality lame film. (I apologize to those who like it)
So this time, I mentally prepared myself for disappointment, shielded myself against negative criticism in order to enjoy whatever came. But... OMG! WOW! I don't have any other words for what I saw. I certainly wasn't prepared for it to be SO amazing. They included every single important aspect, stayed true to the book, they managed to make it funny and the visual effects... Whoa, just whoa! I can't believe how amazing the wolves were.
And Taylor?? I think Stephanie should write that over again so Bella can end up with Jacob. After that movie all I can say is... Edward who?


  1. I'm seeing in tonight... can't wait!

  2. I loved it so much! It is way better then the crappy first one : D

  3. LOL! Ya know, when I read New Moon I couldn't stand Jacob. I just wanted Bella to be with Edward and that was that. Then the movies started and sorry ladies, but Rob ruined Edward for me. So watching New Moon I was like wow, Jacob is great! I loved all their scenes together.

    The middle for me dragged a lot, and I was just like bring on Italy but overall I was pretty impressed with how it went! I cannot wait to see Eclipse now

  4. YES! Rewrite! I didn't even remember that Edward existed when Jacob was around! He's hotter and much better for Bella.

  5. Yep-- totally agree. Movies- so team Jacob, and books Jacob really irritated me and I love Edward!

  6. I'm off to see this today - I read the series last year so can't really remember the details. I hope I like it too :)


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