October 12, 2009

YA Releases

This is a weekly post to spotlight (some) YA books that will be releasing during the week. You may find all releases at Teens read too, here.

Tuesday, Oct 13

Thursday, Oct 15


  1. Ooh! So many great books are coming out this week; so much to read, so little time!
    I've never heard of Little Black Lies, but just from the cover it looks good.

  2. Hi Sab! I'm in the 1960 area, but am moving down near City Centre soon. What about you?

  3. great list! can't wait to read Little Black Lies.

  4. I hope I will enjoy all these books. Its nice list. A lots of books comeing this week.

  5. I have been sent Hush Hush to review - can't wait to read it as heard so many good things about it. Gifted Was reviewed by a guest blogger a couple of weeks ago and she thought it was ok. The others I haven't heard of, so will go check them out!


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