September 28, 2009

Willow - Julia Hoban

Young Adult
Pages: 336
Publisher: Dial
Release Date: April 2, 2009

Seven months ago, on a rainy March night, sixteen year- old Willow's parents died in a horrible car accident. Willow was driving. Now her older brother barely speaks to her, her new classmates know her as the killer orphan girl, and Willow is blocking the pain by secretly cutting herself. But when one boy —one sensitive, soulful boy—discovers Willow's secret, it sparks an intense relationship that turns the "safe" world Willow has created for herself upside down.

What a powerful book! I had heard wonders about this one, and when that happens, you usually expect too much. Thankfully, in this case, I was not disappointed at all. When I pick up a book at the library its normally something that I've seen 5-star reviews all around. No surprise that my reviews end up being 5-star too. Plus, I have to say right now there are so many amazing young adult books and so many more coming it's hard to keep track.

The plot was incredible. The story felt absolutely real to me. Cutting is always a hard subject to talk about but Hoban did it so smoothly and wonderfully that you end up relating to Willow; understanding even. And of course, you fall in love with Guy. So, the characters are incredible too.

I feel that I hadn't picked this up before because of the cover. I don't know why, it didn't appeal me. But now having it and having read it, I do like the cover. Weird how that works. I fell it just doesn't stand out, but it's quite fitting. If you like powerful books about teen issues this book is for you. A great read.


  1. Although I generally stick to fictitional stories that stray more into fantasy than reality, we've seen a lot more books similiar to this that deal with issues facing teens today. Even if the book is fiction, approaching such a serious issue as this from that viewpoint may reach those that are suffering currently and remind those that previously were affected how far they have come.
    Good job on the review! (I agree about the cover...not that eye catching, but it sounds like the story makes up for it.)

  2. Hi!!! I want to read Willow from the very first time I Saw it, it juts looks so amazing, and after reading your review I know I wont be dissapointed.
    Gracias por visitar mi blog, había pasado por el tuyo pero no tenía idea que hablabas español. Te sigo ^o^

  3. Now that you mention the cover issue, I think that might have been why I didn't pick it up in the first place. It sounded interesting and has been on my wishlist since I first heard it but I haven't read it yet. I hear great things about it and from reading your review, I know I'm not going to be disappointed. Thanks for the review! Next time I go to the bookstore, I'll have to pick this up. :)

  4. i actually want to read this one pretty bad! i'm thinking about getting it sometime this week =) glad you enjoyed it!


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