August 12, 2009

Secret Society - Tom Dolby

Young Adult
352 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: September 29, 2009

Secrets, secrets are no fun.
Secrets, secrets hurt someone…

An eccentric new girl. A brooding socialite. The scion of one of New York’s wealthiest families. A promising filmmaker. As students at the exclusive Chadwick School, Phoebe, Lauren, Nick, and Patch already live in a world most teenagers only dream about.

They didn’t ask to be Society members. But when three of them receive a mysterious text message promising success and fame beyond belief, they say yes to everything. Even to the harrowing initiation ceremony in a gritty warehouse downtown, and to the ankh-shaped tattoo they’re forced to get on the nape of their necks.

Once they’re part of the Society, things begin falling into place for them. Week after week, their ambitions are fulfilled. It’s all perfect—until a body is found in Central Park with no distinguishing marks except for an ankh-shaped tattoo.

You'll be desperate for a sequel! The book was good, but the ending was awesome! What is it with these new books and incredible endings? I kept thinking in the middle of the book that it was kind of boring, but at some point it got me and I enjoyed the final parts where you finally understand what the book is about.

The writing was great, the story was told from four different points of view. But, it could be kind of confusing sometimes. The characters were not the best, hard to relate. The plot didn't have what I would call rhythm, it was tedious sometimes. But if you like to read about fashion and socialites this a good read for you.

The cover is really appealing, I like it and I like the tattoo. We all have an idea of Secret Societies and it was fun to read about it. If you are a Melissa de la Cruz fan, this book is for you.

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  1. I’ve seen this cover around but didn’t exactly know what it was about. Nice review!

    Also, you got an award from me.

  2. Hey Sab, I wanted to send you an email, but it bounced back on me. Can you send me one?

    Thank you!

    And PS. That cover is pretty sweet. I love Secret Societies (reading about them anyway).

  3. Thanks Casey and Lee, I'm still working on it! I'll email you tomorrow!

  4. secret society is linking of good.


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