August 28, 2009

News 4 Yabookaholics! (7)

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  • The Title of Blue Bloods 5 by Melissa de la Cruz will be "Misguided Angel"
  • Mortal Instruments 4 novel is "City of Fallen Angels" (*Spoilers*: Read only if you've read Mortal Instruments series) Cassie answered some questions on a chat recently. Here's a taste of what she said:
Think of the book as somewhat reversed from the previous series. That was mainly Clary and Jace, with Simon subplot. This is mainly Simon with Clary and Jace subplot. With some original content, possibly focusing on Jocelyn and Valentine's backstory, etc. But we will see. Simon does a lot of exploring what it means to be a vampire in book 4. But I don't consider "City of Fallen Angels" a companion book: to me, companion books are in the same world but not about the same characters.
** These were answers to several questions.

  • New Pictures of the Voltury Released! (New Moon movie) See all here!

  • Browse inside "Never Cry Warewolf" by Heather Davis --here
  • You can now listen to Scott Westerfeld's upcoming "Leviathan" read aloud on his blog!
  • Hush Hush Trailer! (I normally don't dig book trailer so much, but this one's awesome!) Here's my review!

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  1. Awesome Trailer!!...really...really good...and the pics from the Voltury?? Really good...but room for improvemen :)

  2. I can't wait for the next MI and BB books! The pic from New Moon-my oh my!

  3. I'm so very excited out the fourth book in the MI series! It's one of my favs. And the idea of making them into a movie was sold too.

    Love the Hush, Hush trailer. I'm not much of a fan either just because I like to make my own idea of how the characters look. Anyways I really liked this one though.

  4. I know! Its the same for me(with book trailers). Cassie said she's not 100% sure the movie will be done, so I didn't post it. Just in case. But I will when we hear more. I'm glad you guys liked it!

  5. This looks like an awesome feature - though I've not started reading anything Twilight (or watched for that matter), I think the Voltury is a neat name and the one on the far left reminds me of Spock in a way, while the blonde kid reminds me of young Draco Malfoy.

  6. Nice post! I am really impressed! And given clip is also nice.. Thanks to share such a nice post......


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