July 20, 2009

Update & Questions

This is kind of an update post. I'm really trying to make this blog interesting and worth reading. But I got asked 2 questions via email that I want to answer. The first was, why am I reviewing old books? Hmm, let me see, because I'm reading them! Yes I would love to review new books but, I just recently started reading YA, so I kind of have some basic catching up to do. Plus, any book is worth reading -and reviewing. I will review new books when I read them. I have a long line of books waiting for me.

The second one is that I got asked by an author if I would review her book. It was the first time I got asked. And in this point I do need help from fellow book bloggers. Poor Kristi (TSS) is always answering my weird questions. I want to hear from the rest. First I only have 15 followers right now, which I'm fine with because I feel I still don't know anything about blogging. And second, I didn't like the first book that I read from that author, so I did not review it. Why should I take the second? Am I starting with the wrong foot here? I am really not interested in getting books I dont plan on reading. Is that bad?

And the update part is that I'm working on my first little giveaway and my first author interview, wich will be kind of fun, you'll see. I will call my interviews "Behind the book" (Not very creative, but I like it) and will be done in a special way. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey girl! Great questions.

    My philosophy is don't review a book you don't want to read. You're definitely allowed to say no.

    BTW - I think it's great you're reviewing older books. I mean, I'm just getting into Diana Wynne Jones and I hope to read more of her older books. To each their own. We don't all have time to search out the newest books after all. :)

  2. i think it's fine to review old books! that what i did when i started. if you find a book that's interesting read it!

    i usually don't read books i'm not really interested in. sure i'll try something new, because i've been surprised, but it's okay to be picky.

  3. I'm reading a lot of older books (and buying a few new releases and reviewing those as well). Just because a book isn't brand new doesn't mean that people aren't going to like your reviews. Personally I would rather read about older books some of the time (because I'm living the life of a poor college student, and can't really afford to buy new books all the time).

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for the comments! You guys were really helpful!


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