Review Policy

Review Policy:

UPDATE: I am currently NOT accepting books for review.

You might contact me to see if this has changed. When I do, I accept Young Adult or Middle Grade ONLY. Please contact me before sending any book. It may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 months for me to review a book. However, sending a book does not guarantee a review. My apologies, but I do not accept self-published books. I only accept the following sub-genres:

- Dystopia
- Realistic Fiction (aka Contemporary Fiction)
- Historical Fiction
- High Fantasy (aka Epic Fantasy)

IF, and only if, the book is on my review wishlist, it will be moved to the top of my pile and will have a guaranteed review.

I am currently accepting audiobooks and I am a bit more flexible on those. They are featured twice on the blog: 1. a regular book review, 2. on my Audiobook Reviews Feature along with other titles. 

I host giveaways as part of promotion.

I'm also an Amazon Vine Voice, which means I review products that Amazon sends.

My reviews are also posted in and, and sometimes on

Review Content:

My "reviews" are more like my thoughts on the book. I do not summarize the content of the book nor do I give spoilers of any kind. I simply state reasons why I liked or disliked the book, according to how much emotion it was able to convey, and share my opinion on characters, writing, plot and cover. My reviews are based on my opinion so I do include the word "I" all the time. My reviews are 100% honest and I do not receive or accept any kind of compensation for positive reviews.


My ratings are based upon my enjoyment of the book. If I never got bored and kept interested ALL the time it will be 5 stars. If the book has the best writing ever and is a wonderful piece of literature but I lost interest at any point, it lost a star. This is just to be clear that I do not rate on quality, merely on my own personal enjoyment.